For the visit of Ganvié, we provide in our spacious and comfortable motor boats water transportation of all our guests from the pier of Calavi to Ganvie. We organize the exploration of Ganvié in a canoe or a motor boat after the arrival in the village. We coach our guests how to paddle like the natives of Ganvie. We provide catering services in our large restaurant specialized in fish dishes. We provide accommodation in clean and comfortable rooms, double or triple beds, basic sanitation (toilet, wash basin, shower in each room), running water and electricity around the clock, etc ... We organize for the stay of our guests in our hotel, various activities or events including floating festivals (with young men in uniform, with decorated canoe and paddles, beating drums, singing, dancing and performing even acrobatic dances while in their canoe), typical Ganvié traditional music festivals, local theater performances led by young comedians of Ganvié, exploration of the various techniques of artisanal fisheries notably the 'akadjas,' water excursion taking the tourists to Lake Nokoué and River Sô, exploration of the lake villages of Sô-Zounkor, Sô-Tchanhoué, Sô-Ava and Ahomey, hunting parties, bird viewing (ornithology) focused on the exploration of the various species of birds living on Lake Nokoué, River Sô and the main channels, immersion into the universe of VOODOO including initiation to the rituals of voodoo and consultation of the oracles through the Ifa, etc. We have noted an evolution in the provision of our services. Increasingly, tour operators or simple tourists who have discovered the seriousness in the delivery of our services, have been soliciting our assistance and expertise in the organization of their tours in both Benin and the sub-region. From the organization of tours à la carte, we have been receiving increasingly requests for the provision of our services for the organization of tours lasting two days to three weeks covering Benin and the sub-region. We often receive delegations of Very Important Personalities such as Ministers, Ambassadors and Mayors for lunch or a short stay. For example, the Spanish Ambassador to Nigeria and Benin led a delegation of over one hundred Spanish businessmen for lunch at our hotel. We would appreciate greatly in order to serve you better, if you could contact us before leaving your residence or hotel. By proceeding in this way, you will contribute to reaching your destination without being harassed, robbed or held to ransom, and we assure you that we will do our utmost best to ensure your stay is at the lowest possible cost, and to remain the most unforgettable memories of your holiday. We look forward to welcoming you to Ganvie and particularly to Hotel Germain - Ganvie Holiday Resort!