Water excursion / Bird viewing

Hotel Germain- Ganvié Holiday Resort' offers to its guests excursions on water that take them to the other lake village within the governments of so-Ava and Aguégué. Ganvié is a full lake village and the only one in Benin to be so . The other lake villages of Benin are partial lake villages. The houses are built on land and the water of the river or lake passes through the village. Possible activies we propose for the stay of our guests include the opportunity to breathe clean air , admire the aquatic nature especially the plants, the various species living on water ; and become impregnated with the wealth and diversity of lake realities. We also organize specific bird viewing or ornithological water excursions as well as excursions for the exploration of the technique of artisanal fisheries. There are over 200 species of birds, the river, along the channels. Please find hereunder some of species living on lake Nokoué or river Sô . Bird viewing excursions focused on the explorations of various species of birds on lake Nokoué, River Sô, and along the river banks of the main channels. The ornithologist who spent a 72-hour stay in our hotel identified during their water excursions, over two hundred species of birds, and especially a lot of birds that are not listed in the major bird guidebooks of west Africa. The best time to enjoy the rich birdlife of lake Nokoué, River Sô and the main channels is from october to april but this does not mean that from May to september one cannot view birds. There are simply less birds than from October to April. The water excursions focused on bird viewing also offer the opportunity to explore the main techniques of artisanal fisheries.